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Dear Pioneer

You’re a gifted Entrepreneur, Breadwinner and Solution creator. Tech should be a simple system, fitting snuggly to your needs and running itself. Now it can. With our support you will quickly gain momentum towards fulfilling your business potential and being known for something great.

You may have heard about our incredible eCommerce & Portfolio websites, or even our expressive Corporate Branding Guidelines… But our premium clients know our true superpower: creating Sustainable Workflow Systems for optimal impact, and building Online Communities (eCampuses, Virtual Offices and Social Sites).

Everything we build is with the future of business in mind.



What's the Blue?
and the red?

Here is one of the key frameworks we apply in positioning your business for success.

In 2004 Chan Kim published the idea of calm BLUE Oceans. He found the best way to beat competition is to “niche down” to serve the smallest possible segment of the market.

His idea went viral, igniting the hype around client avatars (which never worked) and the idea of “making your niche so small that only you can fit into it”.

The trend of making your niche ultra small actually works for the knowledge industry and for highly targeted marketing. BUT this is not the best fit for you, the talented South African entrepreneur, breadwinner, solutions pioneer. We want to share with you an important step that’s missing…


It’s not enough to niche down to the smallest “dot”, which might not even have the capacity to feed your family!

RED represents your capacity to serve. Your perfect niche is as broad as the market share that meets your capacity.

But how do you reach your perfect niche and how do you increase your capacity? 

This the solution we provide, through building a home for your niche (community websites), getting them to live there (marketing), and increasing your capacity to serve them (integrating new and existing apps and creating optimised business systems).

Our in-depth cross-platform experience, development expertise, and lack of software affiliations position us to assemble integrated systems that will work best for you in your entrepreneurial journey.

This year we are giving away 500 tech consultation calls for South African companies to empower a culture of innovation among entrepreneurs. 

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  • Complete a short survey (to make the most of your time with us). 
  • Tell us your needs, challenges and vision over Zoom. 
  • Out of the thousands of apps available in 2021, We’ll identify tools and integrations that you can apply immediately to increase profits and performance.
  • We won’t try sell you anything and you can expect 100% value.

Legacy Live

We are community systems developers. We build a home for your niche (community websites), get your niche to live there (marketing), and increase your capacity to serve them (integrating new and existing apps and creating optimised business systems). In essence, we block distractions from derailing your business.

Your vision deserves the best support during your transitional times. Legacy is passionate about your innovation.