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Get a feature-packed, custom-branded email solution for all of your corporate email needs.

Website Hosting

Secure, reliable, fast and easy to understand hosting with trend-setting support

Secure File Sharing

Our cloud storage plans are fast, secure, and spacious, facilitating easy file sharing and collaboration

SSL Certificates & Domains

All of our website hosting options come with a free DV SSL certificate and domain name.

advanced security system



Many of us believe that hackers won’t bother about small companies… but did you know? In 2017, at any given time, about 83% of all WordPress websites were infected1 and compromised and that on every platform the number of hacks increases annually.1 2

Official reports1 2 suggest that security vulnerabilities usually stem from three sources: 1) Poor quality of code and lack of code analysis before apps/plugins are made available, 2) Using insecure or outdated applications, and 3) Lack of appropriate encryption and insecure configuration settings.


Although no website is completely impervious to hackers, we observe a strict set of security standards that we diligently adhere to. This ensures that your data remains amongst the safest on the internet. Security is a core value at Legacy Live so we stop attacks BEFORE they happen.

Some of our measures:

  • Automated updates for server and website environments
  • 24/7 Malware Monitoring and Protection
  • Firewalls and security hardening
  • Hiding and securing key access points
  • Pen testing and vulnerability patching
  • Encryption of all private information
  • Backup servers with roll back features
  • We don’t store sensitive credit card information on our servers


Legacy Live security seal


We like to view your hosting plan as the foundation of your online legacy. Technology can change so much in just five years. Even Google had to consider their resources before embarking on their augmented reality transport technology. It’s important that your platform is built with forward-compatibility in mind.  

Speed matters, and is integral to every website we develop. Our email platforms and servers are incredibly fast and responsive. 

don't know how to... we've got you!


Our team of support specialist agents are available via online chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, and Email. Our scope of support is very wide, and if there is something we cannot assist you with we will put you in touch with someone who can. With support ranging  from easy-to-follow video tutorials to live chat options, every step becomes easy.

For support you can rely on, we are known to go the extra mile.

That’s what we do, we support your legacy.

because every moment counts


We are resellers of one of the most reliable hosting providers on the web today. Being resellers we are able to offer competitive prices and, being Legacy Live, we are able to include this as your company’s complete digital solution.

Our servers have a 100% up-time record from conception. We manage regular roll-back-enabled backups for every server to ensure that, should anything go wrong, we still have you covered.

“It all started with this great hosting plan…”


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