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Specialisation Opportunities Minimum Requirements
Music Production None Be able to create original music either vocally or on any instrument of your choice (including digital production applications). Have created at least 20 original pieces.
Creative Writing None Have had at least one publication. Must demonstrate skill in written expression in at least one of the following: poetry, short stories, screen play, marketing descriptions, and speeches.
Voice Overs None Be able to demonstrate the effective use of variations in volume, intonation, timbre, silence, pace, and pitch. Understand voice-related principles of rapport-building. Be able to speak in at least 3 easily distinguishable accents/voices.
Animation None Design storyboards, doodles, and dynamic 2D animations from scratch in at least 5 different easily distinguishable styles.
Graphic Design None Understand the basic principles of graphic design as relate to space, font, colour, form, eye movement, perspective, position and size. Be able to apply these using Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, or similar program.
Mobile App Development None Have created at least 5 non-iframe mobile applications.
Website Design None Be conversant with WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and JQuery. Understand basic design principles and the psychology of design.
Website Concept Designer None Have a portfolio (in hard copy or in any digital application) of at least 30 different website designs.
Hacking and Security None Add your name to the website homepage of
Business Development None Must have at least 5 years experience in mentoring entrepreneurs and at least 5 references from people that have been mentored.
Digital Marketing None A Klout score of 60+. Have at least one year's experience in Google Ads and Facebook ads. Have at least 6 months experience in funnel testing.
Academic Writing None Have one of the following:: A Master's degree, a TEFL level 5 certificate, or a record of at least 7 successful corporate proposals.
Speech Delivery None Have given at least 20 speeches to 50+ people in the last 2 years. Understand principles relating to rapport building, memorability, call-to-action, introduction, conclusion, body language and structure.
3D Artist (Graphics and Animation) None Be able to create lifelike 3D models and animate them. Create animated 3D landscapes. Have a portfolio of work that includes at least 20 animated 3D designs and at least 40 static 3D designs.
Website Integrations None Have demonstrated innovative problem solving and good coding standards through the integrated of 5 different system pairs. Be able to explain how you integrated each system.


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